Learning traditional Irish dance in Lexington

Learning traditional Irish dance in Lexington

Dancers perform a slip jig choreography. Photo by K. Wilson.

The beauty, rhythm, grace and tradition of Irish dance are some of the reasons so many dancers are drawn to it.  If you’re interested in learning traditional Irish Dance in Lexington, Kentucky, Bluegrass Ceili Academy will be starting new classes this fall with an emphasis on team dance, performance and competition.

Exploring the traditional roots of Irish dance is something Academy director Megan Moloney has done before by reviving nearly century old dances and giving new interpretations to them. You can watch videos of traditional Irish ceili dancing in action on our website. 

Another beautiful example of one style of traditional Irish dance not typically seen in most dance schools was shared this week by current Riverdance cast member Lauren Smyth. We wanted to share this sample of Northern Ireland’s “festival style” Irish dance as an example of the type of creative, traditional choreography we hope to create with our dancers.

Isn’t that great?

Get started:  Learning Irish dance in Lexington

If after seeing these videos you want to take the next step to learning traditional Irish dance in Lexington, connect with us on email so you can receive the latest news on registering for classes this fall.  We’ll be teaching new classes for both children and adults at  Artworks at the Carver School, a community cultural arts facility operated by Lexington Parks & Recreation.